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Snap On Smile Alternative

About Snap On Smile Alternative

We are now offering an alternative to Snap On Smile Alternative! If you are searching for Snap On Smile Alternative, we would like to offer you some information regarding an alternative to Snap On Smile Alternative. We receive phone calls every day from people asking about Snap On Smile Alternative. If you are looking to purchase Snap On Smile Alternative, or even looking for Snap On Smile Alternative coupons or Snap On Smile Alternative discounts, call us today and let us know. We are not affiliated with Snap On Smile Alternative in any way. We simply offer information on Snap On Smile Alternative for comparitive purposes. Snap On Smile Alternative dentists usually mark up the cost of Snap On Smile Alternative. With our Lab Direct™ Alternative, we do not markup the price of the alternative to Snap On Smile Alternative because our alternative to Snap On Smile Alternative is already amazingly low even when compared to Snap On Smile Alternative coupons or Snap On Smile Alternative discounts. Dentists have been trying to get new Snap On Smile Alternative patients for years so they can charge a markup to Snap On Smile Alternative patients in order to make money. Cut the middle man and order your Snap On Smile Alternative alternative from us so dentists cannot make any extra profit from you purchasing Snap On Smile Alternative! Ditch the Snap On Smile Alternative dentist and give our Snap On Smile Alternative alternative Lab Direct™ process a try today!

Why Press On Veneers?

Join our team of referring dentists to those who have no choice:

  • Save your clients money.
  • CAD Design Technology.
  • Made using 3D Printing.
  • Convenient online webinar.
  • No annual fee requirements.
  • Earn referral compensation.
  • No training required for experienced doctors.
  • Just send us models/impressions for faster turnaround*.
  • Online case submission and management.
  • No scripts required as it is a cosmetic contrivance**.

Get started today

If you're ready to start saving, call (888)257-2455 Monday through Friday, or email us anytime.

Existing partners

If you're already a Press On Veneers partner, you may always call or email us with any questions.

With Press On Veneers, you can submit and track cases, watch our webinar, and download the cosmetic contrivance information.

Making Removable Veneers Affordable

*Models/impressions must be usable by our design lab to qualify for faster turnaround. **Press On Veneers is a cosmetic contrivance and as such is not intended for use as a dental appliance or for prosthesis purposes.

Become a Referring Doctor

of the #1 Custom Made Cosmetic Contrivance.

1. No training required for experienced providers
If you've already been trained by another lab, we're not going to make you study the same material all over again. For current pricing, call us at 1-888-257-2455 or register today to start selling Press On Veneers right away.

2. Free online webinar for doctors new to our removable veneers
If you've never sold removable veneers before, you'll love our convenient process. We'll help you through every aspect of referring removable veneers, from the basics of smile redesign to educating the client and submitting your first design case.

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