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Press On Veneers

From Bad To Beautiful

a non-invasive affordable smile makeover

by brighter image design lab

I promote
a lot of beauty
products as an affiliate
and I don't think I have ever
sold a product that helps people
as much as yours does. It makes me
feel good that I can provide for my family
and help people with their smiles in the process.
Human interest in online marketing? That's unheard of.
Your dedication shows.

Thank you
Teeth Whitening affiliates and sales reps earn more per sale!

Earn Up To 25% Commission On Every Sale!

Sign-Up To Be An Affiliate - Change Lives And Earn Money By Helping People Improve Their Smiles

Greetings One and All:

Hello, my name is Bil Watson, Founder of Brighter Image and we've been helping people improve their smiles both online and offline since 1997 - I've grown Brighter Image to have the #1 foothold in this industry and I want to continue to expand and grow. I've decided the smartest way to continue solid growth is to focus on showing other people how to make money in this business as affiliate marketers - making real revenue and strong profit by marketing PressOn Veneers™.

We have one of the most unique affiliate programs around, because we not only give you a great opportunity to make money, but our we give you a way to honestly and profoundly help people while you do so. We want you to see your relationship with Brighter Image as a long term opportunity that can put you in a position to help people that need it the most.

We're continually creating, updating, and promoting new marketing materials that help you. Our visitors' online experience gives them real and relevant reasons to choose us over any alternatives. Serious clients wishing to find affordable alternatives to braces, dental implants, traditional veneers, bonding, etc. - find us irresistible.

Every market and audience has people who are embarrassed to smile and PressOn Veneers™ offer a real cosmetic solution. - I strongly encourage you to take advantage of our generous commissions and proven market advantage by joining our team as an Affiliate Marketer NOW!

Brighter Image Lab® Veneer System

An Overview of Our Program

  • Earn Percentage-Based Commissions for Every Sale
  • Proven Marketing Materials and Banner ads to grab your audience's attention
  • Professionally designed website & email promos so you get paid
  • Video landing page and presentation
  • 60 day cookie duration
  • We pay our Reps and Affiliates monthly

PressOn Veneers™ Are In Strong Demand and Potential Clients are Everywhere

Affiliate marketing is growing as the #1 way to expand a business. This trend converges nicely with increased interest in Social Marketing. I know because I have earned a living from smile enhancement since 1997. I have been partnering with others to do the same since 2001. Educated Consumers continue to go online to look for value and price - They choose Brighter Image. Our Independent Sales Rep and Affiliate Program is everything you need to achieve a successful long term partner that allows you to start improving lives today - Including your own.

Follow Up Is The Key To Your Success

We appreciate the hard work you do to spread the message of affordable smile enhancement. And we understand that for you to make the most money for your efforts, quality follow-up for all leads is essential. You can rest assured that every person you refer will be carefully and professionally followed up with daily, weekly, and monthly, through a series of professionally written auto-responder messages that continue to earn you commissions for weeks.

We Have Prepared Some Powerful Marketing Materials for YOU!

Be a part of changing people's lives!

We have prepared some outstanding marketing materials and streaming media to inform clients about our products. We continually adjust our creative efforts for maximum results. To help you achieve your goals, we provide targeted articles, text links, banner ads, and audio information that all lead to an enticing video landing page and shopping carts that easy to navigate. All of these address and overcome objections that might otherwise stand in the way of a client making a buying decision.

Join Our PressOn Veneers™ Affiliate Program.

Start earning cash today with Professional PressOn Veneers™.

It's the most gratifying income you'll ever make. The Brighter Image Affiliate Program is a simple way for anyone with a Web site or an Newsletter to get involved by referring customers to - the only online dental lab with an affordable alternative to the dentist.

How it works, and how you get paid.

It's FREE and easy. Once you're signed up to be a Brighter Image Affiliate, you'll have access to a variety of Web banners and text links to place on your site.

When a customer you've referred makes ANY purchase on the site, you will receive a generous commission for the sale. It's that simple. Commissions are paid to you monthly.

What makes our Affiliate Program so profitable?

Because Brighter Image offers amazing smile enhancement products, at prices lower than can be found in any dentist's office, Affiliates can achieve higher conversion rates.

PressOn Veneers
PressOn Veneers
We have an assortment of PressOn Veneers™ banners in many sizes available, click here to view them all.

Top Reasons to Join our Affiliate Program

  • It's FREE and EASY!
  • Immediate Approval & Access
  • Commissions on EVERY sale
  • Above average conversion rates
  • 60 day cookie life
  • Professionally designed and maintained site
  • Up-to-the-minute earnings tracking
  • Dedicated Sales and Support Team

How do I join? It's easy!

  1. Read the Independent Sales Representative and Affiliate Agreement
  2. Fill out the easy online Affiliate Program Application through
  3. After Signing up put up a link to our site, and if you live in a country that requires manual review, we'll review your site.
  4. Finalize your account. Unless you live in a country that requires manual review, your application will be automatically approved.

I welcome and appreciate all types of reps or affiliates with creative approaches including paid and natural search, email marketing and incentive/reward programs, or outdoor and person to person strategists. Start making money by joining our affiliate program NOW!